Quality service from professionals

Very well trained service personnel will give your skis, boards, cross-country skis as well as your touring skis a new lease of life. The manager himself is an expert in perfecting your skis for maximum performance. This not only contributes to improved ease of movement when out and about, but also ensures that your safety is always guaranteed.


The skis can be issued for rental directly at the valley station at Watles or in the sports shop in the village centre of Burgusio.

  • Service Ziernheld

    Service from professionals

  • Service Ziernheld

    Quality machines

  • Service Ziernheld

    Everything for your security

Ski-Service in Euro
Waxing 6,00
Waxing and lateral edges 10,00
Top ski service up to 100 cm 17,00
Top ski service up to 139 cm 22,00
Top ski service up to 210 cm 27,00
Ski racing service in Euro
Waxing + filing 15,00
Racing service
100-129 cm
Racing service
130-139 cm
Racing service
140-195 cm
Racing service
196-220 cm
Snowboard service in Euro
Waxing snowboard 9,00
Snowboard service of the highest quality 27,00
Snowboard racing service 45,00
Adjustment of bindings in Euro
Checking/adjusting of bindings 5,00
Drilling/assembling new bindings 10,00
Cross country skiing service in Euro
Waxing 6,00
Cross country skiing structure 15,00
Cross country skiing service of the highest quality 20,00
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